What are the Pros and Cons of Using Cell phones while Driving?

Love them or hate them, cell phones are an inescapable part of modern life and most people have at least one surgically attached to their person at any given time of the day or night. But although we are continually reminded not to talk or text on cell phones during driving, what are the cell phones while driving pros and cons?

Driving a moving vehicle requires a fair amount of concentration, particularly when the traffic is heavy or the weather is atrocious. Unfortunately, many people take their eye off the road in order to answer a call on their cell phone, which is often how road traffic accidents occur. However, having a cell phone with you if an accident occurs can be a lifesaver—literally—so what are the cell phones while driving pros and cons and is it a good idea to keep your cell phone within reach at all times?

What are the pros of using a cell phone while driving?

1.    Having a cell phone in the car should you or another driver be involved in an accident means you can make contact with the emergency services almost immediately, which could make the difference between life and death.
2.    If you are unlucky enough to break down during your journey, your cell phone will allow you to summon help without the inconvenience of a long walk to the nearest call box or breakdown telephone.
3.    When the traffic is slow or you are delayed through no fault of your own, you can use your cell phone to call ahead and let others know exactly where you are and how much longer you expect to be, which will stop your friends and family worrying about you.
4.    Cell phones are an essential accessory for lone female drivers. If a woman feels intimidated by another road user, or she breaks down in a remote place many miles from civilization, she can use her cell phone to call for assistance without having to set foot outside her vehicle.
5.    A cell phone can relieve the tedium of ten miles of queuing traffic on the motorway during rush hour hell.
6.    Many state of the art cell phones can be used as an in-car entertainment system or satellite navigation device—plug it in and listen to your favorite music, or use it to guide you to your destination.

What are the cons of using a cell phone while driving?

1.    Using a cell phone at the same time as driving is dangerous. Your concentration is not on the road and you are far more likely to cause an accident, usually because you fail to spot what is happening in the road ahead.
2.    Even if you do not actually talk on your cell phone whilst driving, receiving text message and call alerts can be just as distracting.
3.    Being caught using a cell phone while driving is likely to cost you several points on your driving license and a fixed penalty fine.
4.    If you cause an accident as a result of using your cell phone while driving, you face a driving ban or even a prison sentence.

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