What are the Pros and Cons of Space Exploration?

What are the pros and cons of space exploration? As cheesy as it sounds, space is the final unexplored frontier of our universe. Mankind has pretty much discovered all there is to know about the earth and all of its treasures, but although we have taken a few hesitant steps beyond the realms of our planet, outer space still remains an undiscovered vista of excitement.

The mysteries of space travel have enthralled man for decades and although we have explored the stars and galaxies a million times in books and films, only a select few have ever been lucky enough to travel into space. But what are the pros and cons of space exploration and is space really full of undiscovered promise, or should we leave it be for fear of tapping into dark secrets better left alone?

What are the pros of space exploration?

  1. One thing humans are good at is embarking on adventures. Space is the ultimate adventure playground and for those who love to take risks, space exploration is the ultimate white knuckle thrill ride!
  2. With natural resources on earth dwindling at an ever increasing rate, space exploration represents a fantastic opportunity to potentially discover a new planet suitable for human habitation and colonization.
  3. Space exploration could help us find new mineral deposits that might be the key to exciting new technologies or life saving medicines.
  4. Space exploration could help us find new species and worlds to help us advance the human race in a positive manner. Other species may be more evolved than humans are, and with their help, we could end up with a more peaceful world, free from the ravages of disease and hunger.

What are the cons of space exploration?

  1. Space exploration costs money, a whole lot of money, and with most countries stuck deep in the depths of economic recession, it is very hard to justify the expense of a space exploration programme.
  2. Space exploration is incredibly dangerous. Men and women risk their lives for the chance to travel into space for a short time, and many critics are not convinced that the potential gains in knowledge are enough to warrant that risk.
  3. Despite many decades of expensive research, there have been very few breakthroughs in scientific research made as a result.
  4. With money so tight and negligible progress made, the public tide of opinion has shifted against space programmes worldwide—the majority of people think the money spent on space exploration could be better spent in other areas such as healthcare and education.
  5. We have all seen films such as Alien and Starship Troopers. And yes, they might be fiction, but there are no guarantees that space exploration will not inadvertently lead us into a nightmare scenario of brain-sucking carnivorous alien species intent on enslaving and eating the human race.
  6. Apart from the risk of meeting homicidal alien races, there is also the risk of humans coming into contact with dangerous viruses and other harmful micro-organisms. There are enough lethal bacteria and viruses on Planet Earth without adding to our woes by infecting humans with new plagues from outer space.



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